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What I’ve learned about blogging and social media this year

It’s scary.

Unverified information is spreading like wildfire online, people are getting lazy not to mention meaner, and all while hiding behind their screen of choice.

Social media’s changing how we (and especially my generation) interact, but you already knew that.

Newspapers are dying but (sense a bit of sarcasm) the good news is social media is alive and healthier than ever.

It’s here to stay and it’s time we (I’m probably mainly speaking for folks older than me) start to embrace it.

I’d be naïve if I didn’t say there’s still a big problem, though. We (journalists) need to figure out how to make money with social media and create a model that will sustain quality journalism that seems to be disappearing as broadsheets shutter.

Social media doesn’t have to be the big bad wolf it’s often looked at as.

I often hear non-communications people ranting about social media. They usually start with a line that goes like this, “It’s crazy now we have like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace…” and then they stop.

I hate to break it to you but no one I know uses Myspace (formerly MySpace) and hasn’t in like eight years.

As Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari recently quipped (don’t mind the paywall on that link) during a leaders’ debate on CJOB ‘It’s Snapchat.”

It’s all about traffic

There’s also Instagram and this once-popular thing called a blog, which my analytics tell me at least a few of you are still reading.

But how do you get more readers?

Well, I could insert a buzzword here or in the headline of this post to improve search engine optimization.

Or I could promote my blog on Facebook or Twitter or I could think of an out-of-the-box way to promote it and use guerrilla marketing to drive more traffic here.

But personally, I’d prefer to just focus on writing well.

What do you think?


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