Tory hopeful handled loss well

Tory candidate Jim Bell’s campaign headquarters on election night.

He had hoped for the touchdown victory, but Tory hopeful Jim Bell fell short in the end zone during Monday night’s federal election.

It was a close race in the Kildonan-St. Paul riding, and one that left many on edge.

The winner of the riding, Liberal MaryAnn Mihychuk, was the last candidate in the province to, at least officially, be declared a winner by Elections Canada.

It was a nail-bitting win, with Mihychuk coming in with just 1,220 votes more than Bell.

The former president of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers said he’s used to close finishes, and perhaps that’s why he handled the defeat so well.

He didn’t put blame on the federal Tories or try to dodge reporters’ questions after he was edged out of the race.

Instead, he took the time to call and congratulate Mihychuk, and shake the hand of every journalist, who stuck around till the end.

In an election where we saw a Conservative candidate peeing in a cup, another touting gay conversation therapy, and then finally a party supporter call journalists “lying pieces of shit,” it was nice to see a Tory candidate with some class.

So thanks, Jim.

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